Doubting handOh how often you hear this – and hence of course the name of this blog. It’s often accompanied by a turning motion of the hand. The same gesture that goes with things being difficult or unlikely to happen, so it always has that edge of uncertainty about it, which can’t be the intention when laying down the law with a sentence that starts ‘madam, let me tell you one thing’.  It is often the lead into a long tale involving you not getting whatever you have just requested.

Anyway, where my interest lies is that people never want to tell you two things, only ever one. If they have two things to impart, they’ll ask you on two different occasions. Note that – not one after the other, but on two totally different occasions. They’ll tell you something, go away and then at a  completely different time come back to tell you the second thing. This rather slows the flow of information down a tad.

Very occasionally if you’re with someone very sharp and westernised and keen to actually get on with things, they might be able to bring themselves to tell two things together – but I swear they will still start with the same ‘madam, let me tell you one thing’ and then force themselves to slip a second item onto the conversational agenda right at the end.

But I think it hurts them to do it…


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