Jobs are a trap

Now, I see this sign fairly regularly, as it’s down the road from my pals hotel.

And every time I see it, I stand there slack jawed wondering what on earth it’s on about.

It’s just propped against a tree – man-sized and screaming on and on about it’s ranting cult like message about how you should learn to live like the rich and stop working…


And frankly their website gets no better – it talks in vague convoluted circles about how you can be free of this cycle of work. Naturally it doesn’t tell you how to do this, oh no you have to go to one of their workshops.

If you saw this in the west, you’d just assume it was some Californian import of vague brain washing and lies.

But somehow seeing it here,home grown in India… well it’s even more shocking.

So you can get the full effect. Here’s the text of the sign – make of it what you will…

A job is a trap!!

Are you employed? You are trapped! Are you self employed. Youare trapped for life!! Yes, because

Those who work never make money… and those who make money never work.

If we don’t work, how do we make money… how do we survive. Simple! Do what the rich do. You can live like a kind… why survive? What do they do?

Here is a workshop by a non-profit institute that tells you what the rich do and how to enjoy a seven day a wekk holiday, lots of money and no one to answer to.