Madam - Clean planet lovely bribeYes, I’ve been corrupted.

And I like it.

As the blog gets more popular, I’m often approached by various people about promoting their stuff.

Sometimes it’s very random such as, “We think you’d be a perfect fit for our Mexican entrepreneurs.” Really? I think not.

And sometimes it’s things I wouldn’t endorse for love nor money. Take a bow almost any Indian wine brand. They asked, I said no.

But recently I got a mail from a little company called Clean Planet. I actually already use their products and have often given them as gifts.

So, I happily said I’d give them a shout out on the blog. And it was with a glad heart that I took delivery of a lovely parcel packed full of some of their good stuff.

They specialise in making bags that are eco friendly. Everything from natty things for the office to clever fold up bags to drag your groceries home (that’s what that check thing is above, it unfolds to a grocery size bag). Recently, they’ve branched out into papers and notebooks, and a nice line in cloth bags to keep your veggies fresh in the fridge.

Frankly I approve of all this. You could sell me pretty much anything, if you put it in a nicely turned out cloth bag. Really, I love them.

In fact, I’ll let you into a little secret – all my packing is done with cunning use of cloth bags. Oh yes, it’s all very neat, and just a little big OCD, in my luggage. Apart from keeping everything tidy and organized, it has the advantage that if you do get stopped and searched by customs, you’re not watching someone rummage through your filthy smalls, it’s all packed away neatly. Well, till they snap on the plastic gloves empty everything out of course. But up till that moment, you’re all tidy and organized.

Madam - Clean planet bribeWhat I particularly like from Clean Planet is their range of soft cloth gift bags. They’re for Diwali, when people give lots of small gifts, particularly nuts and dried fruit. But, the bags are a great size for gift wrapping generally and can be used again post gifting of course – plus, they’ve got cheerful images of Lord Ganesha on them and jaunty Om signs. And that’s always a winner in my book.

One year I did all my gift wrapping for the UK with them. Took me minutes to do all the wrapping (I basically stuffed the gift in the bag, pulled the draw string and I was done). Yet at unwrapping time, there were gasps – out and out gasps – about the natty wrapping. You don’t get that with a roll of wrapping paper from the garage on the corner.

And of course, comparatively for me it’s very cheap. They’re well priced for India considering they’re all eco sourced and there’s a donation built in for charity. But compared to Western prices – they’re a steal.

So, there you go. I love their products – and heartily recommend them. The fact they sent me a nice little heap of things was just a bonus. (Though if they did feel like sending some of those purple Ganesh bags, I’d not say no…)

They’re going to be doing international shipping very soon too. So hop over and have a look. Or drop them a line and mention I sent you. It won’t get you a discount and will do sod all for me – but it’s nice to say hello, eh?

Perhaps if we ask nicely, they’ll do a ‘first order’ discount for readers?

Now should you happen to be reading this from any other well known brands from India – you now know that, under the right circumstances, I can be bribed to say nice things about you. Well as long as I’d have said nice things anyway of course. So feel free to send me stuff – or cake – yes, send cake. That’d work!

Yours, the apparently corruptible, Scully.

PS Oddly enough, this weeks Rethink blog is all about how to Ditch the Guilt in 4 Easy Steps. Hop over and check it out – then you’ll be as shameless as me…


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