There is so much  I love about Indian English – but this little gem is one of those dearest to my heart. If you buy a return ticket on anything from a bus to a train, it is rarely actually called a return ticket by the people selling it to you. No, it is a ‘go and come’ ticket. Because of course, that is exactly what you do; you go  and then you come back. So much more descriptive than a boring old return. And it gives me a little frisson of pleasure every time I hear it.

To be utterly honest, I also enjoy the blank looks of Indians when I describe my love for the term (and I confess I do tend to go on about it – not quite so much as concrete advertising, but a fair bit). You can pretty much see them thinking, but that is what you do, why do you find this so amusing? Aah, cultural differences, how I love you.