Madam induction hobAs a regular reader, you’ll remember me being terribly excited about discovering that you can now buy a single ring induction hob.

To be honest, you probably thought one of two things about that: either, what on earth is a single ring induction hob?, or the more likely, gosh this girl is overly excitable.

But I refer you to my long and painful tussle with the gas bottle in my kitchen.

With one single advance of modern induction (what ever ‘induction’ actually really is), I am freed from the shackles of having to fill that damn bottle.

People, it’s a bright new dawn.

So, to fill you in a bit – an induction hob, is one of those electric ones that only gets warm when something metal or glass is on top of it – so freakishly they’re cool to the touch. Though personally, I’m a bit shy of touching it as yet.Madam induction hob vs gas bottle The hob heats up very quickly when in contact with a pan and is easy to control. It’s no gas hob (which in my opinion are much more controllable at a saucepan level), but it also, isn’t attached to an archaic bottle of gas.

As you can see from the pic – they’re small and take up a fraction of the space of my current hob and hugely inconvenient gas bottle set up.

I think these new portable single ring ones might be reasonably new. Certainly, I’ve not really been aware of them until very recently. I spend a fair bit of time wandering around supermarkets, so you’d have thought I’d have spotted them in the shiny kitchen gadget section. Since I’ve got mine – suddenly they seem everywhere.

But one things for sure – it’s changed my life here. I can happily steam veggies without concern that the gas bottle will run out half way through and leave me with no means of finishing my meal. I’m still using the gas bottle up at present, but once it’s gone I can get my little hob out and I’m good to go.

Though at present showing – and with me eating mostly raw most of the time – it may still take me a few months to empty my current bottle.

Mind you, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns – apparently induction hobs give out some foolish amount of potentially unsafe magnetic radiation. Apparently, it’s particularly bad for small children as it affects the forming of brain tissue.

As I’m not a small child, nor pregnant and my brain tissue forming days are long behind me, I think we’re good to go. Plus, as we know for certain – I don’t actually cook that much, so I should be safe.


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And do please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Does sound particularly affect you, or can you sail through it? Am I being particularly limp? Thoughts in the comments please