Push pull door signsI saw these helpful door signs when I was in Kerala over Christmas…

It’s on the door to a cash machine for my bank. A place where you would expect a certain amount of rigor of information.

Obviously, you’d be wrong in that expectation.

And I shall refrain from ranting about how wonderful I find the banking system in this country. Last month for instance my bank paid my rent twice.


No real reason that I could see, but they did it anyway. And when there were insufficient funds in my account to pay it a third time – yes a third time –  they had the temerity to phone me up and shout at me. I see, so your computer’s had a fit, but somehow this is my fault? Surely this would be the point in my country, when  a fullsome apology is brought forth. But not here.

Anyway, the signs on the door. So I stood there blankly looking at it for a moment – working out what to do. Or rather, that’s what I should have done – I’ve been in India so long now, I totally ignored it, and pushed the door (it swings in both directions, which might be what those two signs are trying to tell us).

So I pushed in and pushed out – and it was only when I noticed my pal had become helpless with mirth and might well not be actually breathing as a result… well, only at that point did I notice the push/pull.

Ah India, you beguile, you charm and so often, you confuse.

Except for the banks – they simply annoy, perturb and confuse.


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