Damn, this got published on the wrong day due to my complete inability to read a calendar. So we had two Signage Sunday’s on the same day.

Now some people would be embarrassed about this – not me. Oh no. I LOVE this sign, so I’m simply going to post the whole thing again, a couple of weeks later, and hope your kind enough to love the sign a second time.

I know I do. And yes, it’s a bit cheeky. But do bear with my dyslexia and the fact I’m out of town at this very moment… and obviously slightly befuddled. Be gentle with me, gentle reader.


Madam - impatient on road

I think that is utterly genius. Simple, direct and downright pithy.

Lets give it a moment to really consider it:

Impatient on road

Patient in hospital.

I saw this years ago in Kerala and it’s been my favourite traffic sign ever since. Whenever I tell people about the genius of Indian signs… this is the one I quote.

And now you can see it, in all it’s simple glory.

I like the fact that in the other language on the sign it’s obviously even pithier. Fabulous.

Well done India – carry on with quality signage like this. I’m a huge fan.


Part of my series of ‘Signage Sundays’. I’m slightly obsessed with signage.

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