Madam - Im the Crane of the monthThose lovely ladies over at Talking Cranes, have very kindly featured me as their ‘Crane of the month’ for July.
Which is awfully nice of them.

Do check out their blog if you don’t know it, it’s full of fabulous information about India, and a really great community of people there too.

Their feature of me is a nice long one too. I’m getting used to this ‘featured in the media’ business – and there’ll be a lot more of it to come in the next months as I gear up to the next course launch.

I love what they do – and we featured one of the founders, Aneeta Madhavan over on the Rethink Central blog a few months back.

Now, it’s my turn in their spotlight. How lovely!


This is a special post featuring my little moment in the spotlight – if I can’t boast a little on my own blog… where can I. So check out these random awards the blog’s won over the last year:

Another year as a top Indian Blog…
Signage Sunday: An award winning blog!
We’ve won an Indiblogger Iba award! Excuse me, a what now?

And as always, do share this on Facebook – more people know about the blog, the more people are vaguely amused by foolishness!