Madam - canada guide it bothers meFirst of all – though I assume you’ll sensibly be reading this on days other than the 25th December… just in case you are: Merry Christmas!

Being a bookish sort, when anything new arrives in my life, my first inclination is to go get a book on the subject.

As a result my house is awash with literature on the obscurest of subjects – whatever happened to wash through my mind at that particular point, will have triggered the accumulation of reference info.

This is a lot easier to manage in a digital age. I can stock up my tablet or my Kindle with books and binge on info without destroying a small forest.

As I’m off to Canada soon, I ordered a few guide books. My last is at least 10 years out of date and time to get the latest info on what to see and where the snazziest cocktails might be found.

Er… I mean, where the cultural highlights might currently be. Ahem.

I am a bit leery about the move to Canada, particularly the weather in Canada – I’m not good with the cold. It’s a massive part of why I live in the tropics.

So, imagine my joy at ordering my shiny new Canada guide… to discover that the front of the book has a polar bear on it. Now I know it’s a big country and goes all the way up to the Arctic. But really, a freaking polar bear?

Next stop for me is obviously a thousand layers of thermal underwear. I am not going to be chilly and I want this transition to be smooth. Even the wildlife there wears thick furry coats.

Anyhoo, back to the matter in hand, as this post will be going out on Christmas Day – and white bears are fairly festive. It seemed appropriate to share the cover with you and wish you, lovely reader a delightful holiday.

And to thank you for your lovely attention this year. Thank you for wasting time with me. Thank you for your lovely emails and kind words. They touch me more than I can say – thank you.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you and yours bask in love and appreciation.


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