Not got much in - Beetroot and Carrot SaladAs I may have already banged on about at tedious length – I’ve just launched a food blog. It’s not quite finished, but it’s very nearly there.

And not being finished didn’t stop me from launching it anyway. Better up and needs a bit of tweaking, than not out in the world at all.

You can see it at And you can get our fab healthy cake book there too. It’s free. (I may have mentioned this already, ahem).

Over the next few weeks, the site’ll have a slightly different look, because frankly I’m not at all sure about that orange stripe and the menus will alter a bit.

But most of all, I’d like to feature more recipes from our delightful readers – and as it’s rather new, and doesn’t have many you know actual readers yet, I’m hoping that you lovely Madam, let me tell you one thing readers might chip in a few recipes to get the recipe ball rolling.

Ah go on!

The whole point of Not Got Much In is that it contains lots of recipes for never fail, easy recipes that you can make with a bag of shopping (no doubt grabbed from the supermarket in a rush on your way home from work) and what’s in the cupboards at home.

So, this week for instance, I’ve got a recipe you can make with a carrot, a beetroot and the things I keep in my cupboards: seeds. Admittedly most people don’t have four types of seeds to hand, but I do. And that salad impresses the hell out of people.

So, please mail me your great recipes. The ones that are quick. The ones that always impress. The ones that are your standby for when you forget guests are coming over (and really in my old life in film, that happens more than you’d imagine). And most of all, your easy recipes.

I’ll big you up over there of course, but most of all you’ll live in my heart over here even more. You lovely reader, will be my food hero…

And by return, I’ll make sure I share a few really easy Indian recipes. Such things exist – it’s not all a million spices and making everything from scratch. I’ll research easy dahls, and some drop dead curries and I’ll make sure I share it all over here as well.

Together we can make healthy food super easy. You know we can!