Madam - Stonehaven, Aberdeen Aunt Bettys ice creamI’ve been travelling a lot recently, as you’ve probably noticed.

Which is, of course, lovely.

Partly that’s because I can work from anywhere. Yes, I know I go on about this location independence thing a lot, but it’s really good.

But there is a downside to that. See the thing about being able to work from anywhere… is that wherever you are, you could be working.

And that sucks.

Because if you’re not careful, there is always that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you shouldn’t be sitting there soaking up the sunshine and having another glass of bubbly, no you should get yourself back inside and get on with that course work, or a blog post or finishing that cake book that’s been on the back burner for longer than any cake (or book) should.

Which is all very well, but as a (mostly) reformed workaholic it can be very hard to turn that voice off. And you really should switch it off, as we all deserve downtime. The brain rather demands it apart from anything.

One way to switch off is to lose your voice and become more concerned about actually being able to get enough oxygen into your body as I did last week.

I can’t recommend that by the way. Though I can say, I didn’t think about work much as I rasped away with each breath on the sofa.

No, my much preferred way to switch off is to have a designated marker for being on holiday. Something that very clearly shows to me and my workaholic brain that we are quite definitely not working today.

And that thing, my lovely reader, is ice cream.

Oh yes, if I am away, I have an ice cream and we are designated on holiday.

If I am working and I have an ice cream, then we are quite definitely having a break. You can’t possibly be working and eating an ice cream at the same time. Obviously.

So, while I was up in Aberdeen three weeks ago, I asked my delightful host if we could go and have a look at the sea and get an ice cream. And the ice cream was in actual fact, very important.

Madam - Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire Seaside

He looked a bit dubious at first – but did very graciously drive me out to Stonehaven on a stunningly sunny and even warm day, where I was introduced to ice cream heaven in the shape of Aunt Betty’s. A proper, honest to goodness ice cream parlour – with a long tradition and amazing ice cream.

I may well need to move to Stonehaven just to have regular access to their product.

Despite the fact that may well be the only warm sunny day they have in Aberdeen this year. It was that good.

And of course, it utterly designated that trip as ‘non-work’. Despite the fact that I did actually do quite a bit of work up there. That was a side thing, as obviously I was primarily there to eat ice cream.

Look at that photo. Obviously, a job well done.

As a side note – it was 20 degrees celcius in Aberdeen. When I went to London the next day it was freaking freezing. It’s a long way south and I was not prepared for that rather bracing eventuality. I was rather grumpy about it for some time (till I bought myself an ice cream of course…)


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