Let me tell you one thing, handFollowing on from the let me tell you one thing post – I’ve also noticed a  general desire here to drip out information one item at a time. Which is odd as there’s no lack of willingness to share information, it’s just only given piece by piece. And if after you’ve finished talking people have queries – well they don’t have questions, they have ‘doubts’ or occasionally ‘issues’. And they’re always singular. So if there are two questions, well same as with telling you things – the charming and polite person will go away and come back a second time to ask for clarification for the second doubt.

Plus the fact that everyone is talking about ‘doubts’ and ‘issues’ makes the whole country sound ever so slightly edgy and nervous about things in general. Add to that the continual coming and going so as not to overload anyone with too much information at any one time (and I’m fairly certain that all this comes from a place of extreme politeness) – well the general impression is of continual doubt caused by an endless lack of complete information. When you add in all the paperwork and how many questions are required to fill in even the most basic request here – well in many ways all that coming and going, doubt and confusion is modern India, in all it’s frustrating fabulousness.

And yes that is rather a sweeping generalisation – but frankly, it’s my blog, where else can I do such a thing?


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