Deep breath – so this is quite personal, as I get a little upset in this video.

It’s about cake, which as you know is a subject I feel very strongly about. What you might not know is why, I feel quite so strongly about it.

So, here’s a snippet from my still-in-production documentary ‘Baking is the smell of love’. It’s been on the way a while, but has had to take a back seat to more cash generating projects over the winter.

But it still rumbles on in the background (I shot some ace interviews on the subject in Costa Rica for instance). But as I’ve been doing some reassessing and rethinking recently, I’ve been getting right back to basics.

What am I excited about? What is deeply important to me and why?

And each time it came back to this – helping people and cake. Not necessarily in that order.

So it seemed the moment to share with you this little snippet from the documentary – which is about both. I shot this a while ago in Central Park, and as you can see, I rather surprise myself by getting a little teary. Cakes can do that to me. Or rather the power of what they can represent.

Be true to yourselves. And bake. you’ll feel better for it.


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