Madam - I cant breathe and neither can this man I can’t, currently, breathe.

Or rather, I can only breath very slowly and rather shallowly. I sound like a cheap Darth Vader impersonator.

This lack of easy breathing is why this post is late.

I have a cold, and my brain is made of cotton wool and I’ve been working on getting the copy out for my next round of Mastermind groups. (You should check those out by the way – they’re very good. In fact come, why not apply to join one?)

Despite my cold, the mini-site for the Mastermind launch is rather good too. It’s taken all my energy to muster enough oxygen in my blood to move that along. Bringing money in, is of course the important stuff that keeps me in flights and organic snacks.

By about 10pm last night, I realised that no matter how witty the blog post I’d written in my head was… it wasn’t coming out of my fingertips without a big chunk of sleep happening first.

Time was when I’d have used a half written post I had hanging around – added a few words and pushed it out anyway. Not my best work, but it’d do. Or I’d have sat up really late to squeeze out something by brute force.

All so I didn’t miss my publishing schedule. Sticking to the schedule is massively important in blogging – it’s drilled into you over and over again. Never miss your publishing date. Bad things happen if you do.

Thing is, it’s also drilled into you to keep experimenting with the best time to send, the best time to publish and generally make sure the metrics work really well. When do people want to hear from you most – do it then.

I’ve been experimenting with the best time to send my newsletter for a few months now. Perhaps you noticed? You are on the newsletter, right? If not – go to the top of the page now and click on the grey bar to join. Go on – you can’t be missing out on things. There’s good stuff in there.

Anyway, this shift in newsletter timings has partly been deliberate, and partly due to the fact that moving country, continent and more importantly, timezone, every few days leaves publishing in the ‘afternoon’ as a rather vague concept. But I’ve still been putting out my main Wednesday post at the same time (well apart from that other day I missed recently).

But this week – with the whole not being able to breathe thing rather scuppered that plan. And the Mastermind launch. And the fact it’s cold in London and I’m coughing and I can’t breathe.

Did I mention the breathing thing?

Yeah, I thought I did. It’s only a cold, it’ll get better and soon, I know. But I was very fond of breathing in an unrestricted manner, and I miss it.

See, I’m rambling. I have so much of interest to tell you – more about Costa Rica. How I feel about India now I’ve left. How I feel about being back there in the winter. All that… but right now, I feel awful and I’m going back to bed.

Pass the cough sweets, please.

PS – you realise that’s not me in the picture, right? Good. I’m not that decrepit yet. Or indeed an old man…


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Do let me know if you’ve got any top cough remedies. I really need to get shot of this thing soon as possible!