Kochi tourist signThis succinct question is lovely in its directness and clarity.

In standard English we’d probably ask if you’ve arrived, or are you here yet? But the simple, ‘have you reached?’ or ‘I have reached’ – seems more straight forward and somehow clearer.

It is pretty much interchangeable with the verb arrive – when will you arrive, have you arrived, I am here. Ok so, I am here isn’t the same as I have arrived. But erudite readers, such as yourself understand the structure.

The rather jolly sign from Kochi shows how it’s aimed at tourists (and it’s a standard traffic sign, but in the old part of Fort Kochi) by using ‘arrived’ rather than ‘reached’.

I don’t have a lot to say about it – but I like it. Somehow it embodies all those subtle little differences that make me very glad I live in India

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