Madam - Christmas baubles Merry Christmas, dear Reader!

Apart from wishing you all the best, I hope the seasonal traditions are being played out for you – far too much food, squabbling with siblings, slight disappointment in your gifts and a dozing elderly relative, asleep in a slightly askew paper hat from a cracker.

For my part, I am gallantly scoffing down as much of a 5 star buffet lunch as I can, while calling for more fizzy wine.

May the abundance of the season be with you.

And may we spend many more happy hours with me going on about the odd and you kindly commenting. You know I love it!

Now then, next thing I want to hear whispered in my ear, is ‘Madam, may I refill you glass?’


Now the image on this post features my huge painting of Buddha, if you’d like to read the story of how tricky that was to get on the wall – and why I only photograph it from the side, so you can’t see how straight it actually is…. Ahem, please follow this link:

Sometimes nearly straight is good enough

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And of course, Christmas is a time for giving, so do please comment below, give me a google+… go on!