Madam - Lord Ganesha in SandalwoodToday is Ganesh Chaturthi – the festival celebrating his elephantness’ birthday.

It’s wasn’t as celebrated in Kerala – but it’s really big in these parts and in Mahrashtra and surrounding states. So the last couple of years have been a lovely unfolding of what goes on over the festival.

Yesterday a friend gave me a lovely over view of the history of the festival and how it brings people together. In fact was actually designed and augmented to do just that. It brings people together of all castes and areas of society in harmony and so, apparently encourage anti-British feeling during the Raj.

But if you’re a kid, and it’s Ganesha’s birthday – it’s mostly just about sweets. You tour your neighbourhood and family friends houses and everywhere you go, you’re offered prasad .

Prasad is food made holy by being offered to the idol of the god before being eaten as a blessing. Over Ganesha Charturthi prasad is even sweeter than usual and there’s a lot of it.

Lord Ganesha is known for his great love of sweet things. Bit of a glutton on the side, so he is.

I’m a big fan of Ganesha, so in honour of his birthday – I’ll leave it at that for now and continue my tales of auto drivers for next week.

have a great week!