Madam - They're actually hand-writing the receiptsThis is part two of a two part post

Part one found me slowly realising that due to some dreadful server cock up, they were having to hand write receipts in the supermarket. It was a horrible moment of realisation in the check out line.

We were going to be there for a long time.

As I am a kind soul, I turn to the group of lads stood behind me and tell them the glad news about the receipts system today. These chaps appear to have nipped in for a couple of snack items each – they don’t have much per person, but there are about 6 of them. They crane round me – they appraise the situation – they murmur.

Despite their small number of items, I am not quite kind enough to let them go in front of me. As there are rather a lot of them, each with a small item.

But I am kind enough to tell them that I’ve got an unusually large number of small items in my shopping.

We all stare at my basket full of pencils.

They confer.

Wisely, they disappear to other tills. Because it’s not entirely all the tills that are down. The stock system is working, the credit card machines are working… but the receipts aren’t being printed. That server is down on maybe 80% of the tills.

And as this is a very posh supermarket, most people are buying at least one huge shopping trolley of food for the week.

But nobody makes a fuss, no one creates a scene. We all just stand there politely waiting for the boy on the till to write longhand each item, and it’s code, and it’s price, and then painfully add it up on his mobile.

I was there a lot longer than I’d planned. But in its way it was rather meditative.


It was also fairly tedious.

But it sounds more Zen that I just stood there and accepted it. Which is mostly what I did.


This is part two of a two part post

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