Madam - fruit cocktailA few weeks ago my boss sent round an email saying how much she’d enjoyed a party organised by some of the team to celebrate a few birthdays and births and the like; though of course a birth is actually a birthday of the most basic sort. Quite literally, a birth-day, so it was really just a collection of birthdays being celebrated. But I am getting off the point, as is so often my way.

Anyway, what I found intriguing was her exact use of language – ‘great party last evening’. What interests me – is that ‘last evening’ is not something the English ever say. We say ‘last night’, ‘tomorrow evening’, even the ‘other evening’, but never ‘last evening’. Last evening is perfectly correct, and the meaning is very clear – we just don’t say it.

And that’s really the heart of what this blog is about – a modest list of thoughts based around the idea of ‘gosh, that’s interesting; we don’t say it like that’. It’s not much, but it’s all my own.

My boss, I might add spent many years in the States and her English is beyond impeccable – I suppose it’s just possible that ‘last evening’ is an Americanism, though I don’t remember it from when I lived there. Do correct me if my memory is failing. Happy to be corrected – comment at will.


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