That’s it really – getting grey.

I heard a lady at work say one of animated characters was looking a little old and was ‘getting grey’ – not ‘going grey’, getting. And there we have once again, the difference in verb tense. Or perhaps there’s more of an achievement in becoming grey here – something you attain, rather than simply do. No, that’s probably too deep, it really is just a different tense than standard English uses.

A great deal of Indian English is in the present perfect tense – the gerund. Not a tense I know a great deal about to be honest – the internal technical side of English is not an area I’m particularly hot on. Although I do know that when the Celts speak English – both in Scotland and Ireland, we spend a lot more time in the gerund

English English – will you have a drink?
Scots English – will you be taking a drink?
Irish English – would you be having a drink?
Indian English – I am asking if you would be liking a drink?

If I was smarter with my grammar terminology I’m sure I could discuss exactly why all this is different. I’m not, so I’ll just leave it at this. Interesting though… veeery interesting…

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