Green almonds 1Ok, so these little fellers are fresh green almonds.

For the more cosmopolitan amongst you, they might not come as a surprise.

But for me, this is the first time I’d ever seen them. Or rather, I’d seen them plenty, but had never realised what they were.

And for my dawning understanding, we can thank the fact that my local fancy supermarket not only over charges for fresh food, but handily shrink wraps and labels them for you too. So, there I’ve often learned what things I see on the street vendors carts actually are, by the simple expedient of flipping the box over and reading the label. Nice.

Green almonds 2So, this is what a fresh almond looks like.


Hard and fuzzy, if truth be told.

Left to their own devices, the green fuzzy bit shrivels and dries out over time and leaves us with the brown nut we know so well.

But with fresh almonds you need to take a sharp knife and ease the nut out like this…

As you can see, you get a lot of waste, and the nut is ‘wetter’ and slightly bendier than the utterly dried ones. Which if you were used to fresh nuts would not in any way be a surprise.

Green almonds 3

I’ve allowed a few of these nuts to hang around a bit (they’re not really quite as nice as the dried ones – or rather they’re an aquired taste, I have yet to aquire).

And you can see them beginning to wrinkle up and become a bit more like the almonds we know in Northern Europe.

But enough of this nut information. It’s making me hungry, I might take my knife and fight my way into a few right now, they’re feisty little beasties. So you can fool yourself into thinking you’re working up a bit of an appetite.


ps If you’ve been following my dust trilogy – you’ll note how clean and shiny the surface the nuts are sitting on is… that would be all my own work.

Not that I am above doing my own dusting. But it’s pretty galling when I have hired someone to deal with the dust, and yet there it is. Everywhere. I had to pretty much scoop the dust off before taking the photo. Naturally it was only the day after my cleaner had been…


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