Free healthy cake bookAs you surely know from reading this blog – I finished editing a cake book a few months back.

I worked with our lovely nutritionist from Rethink Retreats, Chris Sandel, and our equally lovely writer, Katie Schenk.

There’s pretty pictures and the cakes are frankly, divine. I know, as we tested them all till we got the recipes just right. Didn’t do my waistline any good, but my god they taste fantastic because of all the care and attention. We’ve had rave reviews from bakers and eaters alike.

At the moment you can get all 12 recipes for free at Not Got Much In – but quite soon we’re gong to make the free version just 4 recipes and put the full book on Amazon. Where you’ll have to pay for it.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting it, and you’ve not got round to it yet – grab yourself a bargain right now before the price goes up.


If this has put you in mind of other free stuff – why not get the free ebook for my coaching company Rethink Retreats. It’s called Strong decisions, great time management and it’s awfully good. Free too.

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And as ever, do please comment below. And feel free to share this with anyone – I’d love everyone to grab it before we do the sensible business thing and put it on Amazon!