Rethink Retreats - Strong decisions - Great Time Management ebookSo, as you know I’m a generous soul.

And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have heard me talk about my lovely coaching business Rethink Retreats. It’s all about getting unstuck and living a happy life doing the things you love.

You know, just like I do. Ha ha!

Anyway, a while back we started giving away a great little pdf on the Rethink Retreats site with tips on keeping stress free by controlling the things you can in your life.

If you don’t get hung up on decisions (no more lying awake at night wondering if you did the right thing), manage the expectation of the people around you and manage your time really well, then you’ll naturally be calmer to meet the bigger things in your life you can’t control.

In particular the time management stuff is great. Take it from me, I run three businesses and currently work full time with another coach – and these are the tips I use to do all that and still have a social life as well. This stuff simply works

So, hop on over and pick up your free copy – we’ve made it even prettier now. Same great content, but now with really nice graphics and layout.

And as they say, do tell all your friends!

PS: There’ll be lots of prettification going on this year – the website are getting an over haul and we’re going to be doing new books and all sorts of exciting things. Oh yes!


If you like freebies – and lets face it, who doesn’t – hop over to my food blog, Not Got Much In and download a copy of my free healthy cake book

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And of course do comment below and let me know what you think of the new graphics in the ebook.