Not got much in
Finally, I can tell you that my shiny new food blog will be with us next week. It’s still being polished and tweaked at the moment. But very, very soon, it’ll be with us.

It’s called Not got much in, and is for those days when you need a never fail recipe that can be made with a small bag of groceries you grabbed on your way home and the contents of your store cupboard. Frankly it’s fab.

And if that’s not fab enough (and really it’s pretty good), you’ll also be able to get a free copy of the Rethink Retreats healthy cake recipe book. We’ve been working on this for months – Chris Sandel, the Rethink Retreats nutritionist, has been doing a sterling job on research and the science bit, guiding us to the happy place of healthy cakes. Actual really healthy cakes. Fancy.

And I’ve been baking and editing away like a thing possessed. The photo’s look brill and the whole things looks gorgeous, we just finished it last night. I’ll share some of the pages later in the week. I can’t wait to be able to share it all with you.

And it’ll be free with the launch. We may even stick it on Amazon and make it a fancy ebook.

Get me, with the published book and everything.

Right, I’m getting a bit giddy again. Wait till you see it, it’s ace!