Madam bounce back queens - interview with liz scullySo this is my Wednesday post. And it’s Thursday.

It’s not just a bit late, it’s a whole day late. Most unlike me.

It’s not late because I’m packing to emigrate and did 6 hours of coaching starting at 6pm last night.

Which incidentally, wasn’t the smartest of moves for a trying-to-be-reformed workaholic. But I’d thought there was some advantage to moving to North American time in advance of living there. Which would have worked a treat if I’d not got up at 6am to start packing.

No, yesterdays post was also late because I did this interview with my lovely colleague, Abigail Eaton-Masters who is right in the middle of doing a fabulous series of interviews of people talking about their Bounce Back stories. Tales of how people have come back from the dark days and the tools they used.

You probably know that I’m a coach, and that I came to that from film. But unless you’re already a client, you probably don’t know the path I took to get here. It wasn’t a straightforward one and involved a lot of pain, even though I’m now almost permanently in the happy place.

It’s a tough story and discusses my darkest moments and how I clawed my way back with use of a yoghurt (seriously). So, if you’re up for it – check out the interview. It is an hour long, so I appreciate it’s something of a commitment – but it’s a massive thing for me to be sharing this so openly.

The rest of the Bounce Back Queen Summit is brilliant too – I’ve watched only a handful so far but will dig in as I get on with the packing the next few days. Each one really is inspiring and shows we can come a long way, very quickly. Support is there – you usually just have to ask. And everyone goes through tough times, but you can bounce back.

For me it’s about my brilliantly kind friends, making small goals (even if it’s only a yoghurt at a time and perhaps to make a cake tomorrow). Although all this was appalling to go through at the time, it really did bring me to where I am today. I know I can achieve ANYTHING – anything at all, if I just break it down into small enough goals and face my fears (just a little bit today, maybe more tomorrow).

If you’d like to know more about how to do that – do check out this free video on uncovering the hidden reasons you’re not achieving your goals at the moment (and it’s got the technique I mention in the interview all mapped out in more detail for you).

This video is some of my best coaching stuff – I’m giving it to away because you can learn to do this without having to go through all the pain and heartache I did. Learn from what happened to me and come join me in the happy place.

It’s good here.

Bounce back queen – Liz Scully (that’s me that is, boing)


I realise this isn’t the usual sort of post from me – but yesterday was quite a big day for me. If you’d like to see more of my coaching side, hop over and check some of these articles from my Rethink blog, it’s stuffed to the gunnels with ace tips on getting it together:

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And do let me know what you think of the interview in the comments below. But be gentle with me, I feel hellish vulnerable telling you all about this stuff. This is HUGE.