Madam - electrifying passersbyFollowing on from my recent discussion of my love of being able to walk unhindered on quality pavements, here’s something you see regularly on Bangalorean streets…

…the wayside electricity substation.

And not just any curb located substation. It’s usually got bits falling off it, lolling about the pavement.

On this one you can see the two red prongs of the power cables – the main big scary ones that are usually covered in ‘danger of death’ signs and plugged into the main grid – are not only not protected, but are very casually looped round the base as though they fell off and some kind soul thoughtfully pushed them up out the way.

As you might with a lost glove.

Except instead, these are lethal.

This tiny electricity station has been like this for months, possibly years for all I know, and every time I go past it I can feel a tiny bit of static raise all the hairs on my arm.

Or it might just be fear, but either way it makes me very, very uncomfortable as I skitter past on the crumbly pavement trying not to get too close, or run over while I give it a wide berth.

Madam - electrifying passersby some moreThe one in this second picture, is safer and isn’t in bad condition, but you do seem them everywhere just sat on the pavement. Sometimes they’ve got quite smart bits of fencing round them.

But all the same, they’re not exactly secure, they are after all on the pavement where any fool can mess with them. No wonder so many people steal electricity by just hooking up to a passing power cable. Though right enough, they’ve more sense than to do it to this sort of beefy power substation, they do it just a telegraph pole, or their neighbours supply.

And while I’m digressing – could I just draw your attention to the quality of the pavement around these fine electrical facilities? There you can see the quality of Bangalore pavements. That’s why I was enamoured with the ones in NY quite so much when I was there.


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