Do not pick the lotus signNow, I like this sign that I saw in a park around a temple in Pune.

Pune is in the north of India, not far from Mumbai, hence the sign being in what I assume is Hindi – but might conceivably be Marathi as they share an alphabet.

So what I love, is that it is so incredibly CLEAR about what you’re not to do.

Often in India there’s a vagueness to signs.

Or a slight helpless quality – like my favourite traffic sign, which is all over Bangalore and says rather limply ‘Please obey traffic rules’. Which has a rather tired feeling, as though they know you won’t, but feel the need to atleast make and effort to try and seem like you might.

Not this sign – it is unequivical.

You will not climb in the water and you will not snap off a big lotus flower. No, you won’t.


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