Madam dinosaurs on the lawnI’m currently in Costa Rica

So, as many of you know, I’m not currently living in India. As of two weeks ago, I emigrated.

Not immigrated anywhere else – as I’ve not actually landed anywhere in particular yet. But I did the leaving India part: I now officially have no home.

I’ve not written about it much yet, as I’m still absorbing the effects of not actually living anywhere in particular. For the rest of the year, I’ll be happily wandering about the globe, mostly in Canada, but also in Costa Rica, London, France and the US. Before returning to India in December.

For a bit.

It’s a good life, eh? And one I’m able to do because I’ve rather cleverly arranged all my work so that it’s online so I can work from anywhere. Wherever I am, I’m both at utterly at home, and also able to work. Sorted.

Well, as long as there’s good internet. That’s my current fear, the question that I ask anxiously wherever I go (before I commit to going there) – what’s your net access speed? And is it consistent…

Anyway, enough of these modern fears. Let’s talk about something more ancient.


Because I saw a dinosaur yesterday. It was lime green. They didn’t tell me that important fact, when I had my Big Book of Dinosaurs colouring book as a nipper. But then they’d have been talking about the giant dinosaurs that roamed the earth millennia ago. And not the rather beautiful land monitors you see on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

The photo above was taken when I was last here – oh yes, I’m a regular in Costa Rica now, this is my second visit in 2 years – and is a majestic creature, but grey. The one I saw over breakfast yesterday was the most luscious, brightly coloured green.

It came running out from under a bush, a full two foot long, and looking quite the thing. When a lizard runs they look somewhat comical – all jerky knees and neck extension. But this thing, was large, regal and… prehistoric.

Frankly, it’s not the sort of thing this city dweller is used to seeing over cornflakes. It was both staggeringly beautiful and gorgeously ugly, with a side order of comedy walks.

There is so much that is amazing about living in tropical climates – but seeing ancient lizards stroll about is really one of the highlights.


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