Last week I told you about the great free training Marie Forleo is giving away in the run up to the launch of her fabulous training course B-school.

I know I don’t usually talk about business stuff over here – but this training is excellent. And it’s free. I did her course last year and found it really helpful in taking Rethink Retreats to the next level.

Plus frankly, it’s just super fun and way more ballsy than most marketing training (which while important for an entrepreneur, lets face it can be a complete snore-fest).

So, click on the image above and check it out. There are three half hour videos which cover such useful things as:

  • The number one skill every woman must have if she wants to make an impact in the world, and actually make a living.
  • The single most important factor to making an income, and an impact online (this is a must watch if you have any resistance to marketing!)
  • What she calls her “dirty little secret” to making millions.
  • 13 simple, but on-point strategies for making your business work online. Most people miss these because they’re chasing “shiny objects”
  • Plus she takes us behind the scenes – you’ll be surprised how unsophisticated it is back stage of her multi million pound business.

That’s 90 minutes of kick ass training – and it’s all free.

Oh and if actually paying for a course is not your thing – our out of your reach right now, then there’s a chance to work with Marie at no charge. Oh yes, watch till the end of the video – she’s giving away scholarships to her program.


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