Madam - cupcake selection SaturdayI’m calling it research.

No, really. Research.

Remember last year, I published a book of healthy cakes over on the Not Got Much In blog? We called it ‘Cake! 12 Healthy Cakes’ – as that seemed to cover the salient aspects of the book.

Well we’re doing another one this year – coming out in October it’s going to be called ‘Easy Cake!’ As you can tell naming things is a simple art form at Rethink Central. Anyway, the new book is all about cakes you can make very, er, easily – in fact our guiding principal for choosing which recipes to include, is how much mess the recipe will make.

I quite often think ‘I’ll bake’ then equally quickly follow that with, ‘but I can’t face the mess’. And as I am keener on cake than most people, I assume this is a common problem. So our new book is entirely defined by how much washing up any particular cake will make.

We’ve got cakes you can make in one bowl, cakes you can mix in the thing you bake it in and even cakes in a cup you can do in the microwave. I think it might be a stroke of brilliance. Never again will the hungry cake enthusiast be forced to abandon thoughts of baking due to fear of washing up.


Madam - cupcake SaturdayAnyway, as we sift through which cakes to work up for the book… well I’ve got to be up on the latest cake trends, now haven’t I?

And as the cupcake has finally well and truly arrived in Bangalore – well it would be churlish for me not to be out there testing the waters, or rather sampling the latest flavours.

Mango madness? Thank you kindly. Pistachio mint with a side of chocolate? Don’t mind if I do.

Book research is terribly difficult.

I should also point out that I had three pals with me on this recent sampling trip. So although it looks like I’m about to scarf down more than my fair share of cake – well I’m not.

For that, I took a box home. Entirely for research purposes of course.



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And hop over to Not Got Much In the food blog and get your free version of Cake! We’re going to be putting it on Amazon very soon, and will be only giving away a cut down version on the food blog.

But if you go right now, you can still get the full 12 recipes for free for about another month. Just check it out and you can download it for free right now. Nice!