madam - chocolate Taj MahalOK so this isn’t actually a sign for Signage Sunday, but it is very cool.

Look – it’s a chocolate Taj Mahal!

That’s world class iconic architecture… made of chocolate.

Fabulous, eh?

I actually saw this last year and couldn’t quite work out how to work it into the blog – now I realise, it’s my blog, if I want to go on about chocolate mahals, well then I can.

Possibly winning that blogging prize last week, has gone to my head.

Anyway, moving on… this fabulous item is from a very fancy chocolatier and if I remember correctly we saw it last year around Diwali (when people give lots of sugary sweets as gifts) or in the run up to Christmas (when people generously carry on eating sugary sweets to make Westerners feel at home – they’re a polite lot the Indians. Particularly if being polite involves eating. Eating is always a good thing here).

I didn’t actually buy it, as I seem to remember it was outrageously expensive. Bliss, where I saw it, specialises in handmade Belgian chocolate and this special item was all boxed up. But thinking about it, I may check back and see if they’re doing it again this year. It’d be quite funny to arrive at a pals place and ask ‘who wants a bit of the Taj Mahal?’ Then see us all munching down on a supporting pillar.

Or perhaps that’s only inside my head that’s funny.

No thinking on, I’d like to see a whole range of these – chocolate icon architecture from around the world. The leaning Tower of Piza, the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, Ankor Wat (though that would be the big family sharing version – it’s a big monument). Gosh, the list goes on. Maybe you could candy fill them as Easer gifts…

Blimey, I could be on to something here. Stand back…


Even though this isn’t actually a sign – it is part of Signage Sunday. Purists need not fear, all the other weeks are actually signs.

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As always – do please comment below. What building would you like to see made of chocolate?