Madam excited about this viewAs I mentioned on Monday, I’m writing this in Thailand. I’ve had to come away to refresh my business visa in India.

It’s hardly a torture – one of the joys of being location independent is that I really can work from anywhere.

Sadly one of the downside is that… wherever I am, I could be working. So, I have to battle my workaholic nature.

See, I don’t just teach people how to avoid overworking, it’s something I’ve learned by continually having to work on it myself.

I even used ‘work’ in that sentence. Damn.

But in this case it’s fun. I’ve got a gorgeous villa, in a stunning resort in Phuket and frankly that’s pretty fabulous.

I’ve got my own personal infinity pool, a massive stone bathtub discreetly positioned in the garden bathroom and it’s a short walk to view the Andaman Sea… it’s not exactly a hard life.

I’ve been writing away on my new career course and very soon I’m going to start filming some brill free training as well. It’s all about how to make sure you hit your goals (like working from a villa with it’s own infinity pool, just for instance), and bend time to your will.

I teeter on the workaholic – but I do get a lot of stuff done. This month alone for instance, I’m launching a new mastermind group, the new career course and then, as if that’s not enough, I’m starting teaching other people how to run mastermind groups happily and easily.

It’s a lot – but if you’re reader of the newsletter you’ll know why I’m pushing so hard, as I shared that little secret a few weeks back. And if you’re not a subscriber – really go up and click the bar at the top of the page and get signed up… you cannot be missing the good stuff that’s going on in that newsletter. It’s the place I speak directly to my lovely readers. That would be you. So go on – click the bar and come and join me.

Anyway, yesterday I was looking at spots in the villa that’ll work for filming the straight to camera stuff for the training. I need a camera angle that looks lovely, doesn’t have the sound of the filtration pumps too loudly in the background, isn’t in the sun or involve me walking on water to get the right angle.

Can you tell which of the two I like best?

Yes, I am an idiot. Still, at least I’m a happy idiot, eh?

And don’t worry, I will actually put on grown up clothes and comb my hair for the real videos.

If you’d like to see how the films turn out – and learn about my super sneaky way to uncover your deepest fears and then zap them into nothing – click on this link and add your email and I’ll make sure to send you the link when I’ve edited everything and it’s out in a couple of weeks.

Then you too can be completing your goals, bending time and generally lounging by a pool calling it work.

Now – surely, it must be time for that breakfast buffet..?


PS: I’m thinking in that second picture – but it does look like I’ve got a touch of ‘Bitchy resting face’, eh? If you’ve no idea what I’m on about – check this amusing little video.


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