Expat blog bronze award 2012This blog won a Bronze at the expat blog awards this year.

Ok, ok, so it was only for India, and anyway it’s a really small award that no-ones ever heard of…

But we won all the same.

And I say we, as lots of loyal readers and lovely chums voted for the blog. Annoyingly the blog actually got enough votes to get the silver – except sadly they came in slightly after the final time limit.

I reckon if I’d noticed the blog was up for the award earlier – instead of flouncing about the Costa Rican rainforest, we could have mobilised a few more people earlier… and we’d have won.

Next year, I tell you – next year!

And consider that the last bloggers award I was up for – I only placed in the top twenty. So this is a massive step up.

So thank you delightful reader – you are lovely!

Now then, laurels will be rested on as a direct result of this, let me tell you that!


Now if you’re new here and fancy knowing why this blog was chosen for such illustrious awards, why not cut along to the Best of the blog page?

And of course do tell all your friends – or comment below about the fabulous excitement of this award.