Madam - even my breakfast was happyAs you may have read from a llama recently, I’m on vacation at the moment.

Which is why there’s been rather erratic service on the blog – turns out there are actually some places left on earth where you don’t get brilliant wifi reception, the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest being one of them. Who knew?

Anyway, I travel a lot for work, or rather I travel a lot and work while I’m there. One of the joys of my new life is that I can work from anywhere. Which is great, it means this year alone I’ve been able to work from Sri Lanka, London, the Himalayas… well lots of places. But it does also mean that wherever I am… there’s work to be done.

So as a time management and goal setting coach (which is mostly what I do in my one to one work with clients), I’ve given myself a talking to and have taken a chunk of time off. Properly off. Vacation, no working. Sure I’m blogging, but this is fun – the actual work work is on hold. And it’s marvellous.

I had a week in New York walking around, and now I’ve got couple of weeks in Costa Rica seeing a fair bit of the country before having a few more days in New York. It being a terribly long way back to India. If I did it in one hit from where I’m staying in Costa Rica to my home… it’d be 36 hours. Ouch. Hence breaking the journey in NYC (well that and the need to look at great art and pick up some new shoes. Ahem).

As it’s such a terribly long way, I treated myself to business class on the India/NYC part of the trip. Lying flat seemed like a good plan when you’re travelling for 23 hours. Blimey it’s expensive though, particularly when you’re paying for it yourself, so I determined to make the very most of it.

So, when my outgoing flight was delayed by fog, unlike everyone else in the line, I made sure I was cheerful. Which was probably quite annoying for everyone else at 6am, but there you go.

Instead of joining the whinge fest at security, I headed straight for the business class lounge and started getting stuck into the free breakfast. Well I say free obviously it’s included in the ticket price, and as that seemed to be about the cost of a new kidney, you can’t exactly call it free.

Anyway, they had every convenience in the breakfast area – including a fancy shiny toaster. Once I’d worked out how to use it, which took longer than seemed right -though in my defense, it was very early in the morning and it was an awfully modern looking toaster – well once I’d got it toasting, imagine my surprise to discover that it was one of those fancy weather telling toasters. I’ve read about them and it had indeed imprinted the days forecast on my bread – or it had tried to… the forecast should surely have been ‘fog’. So perhaps it wasn’t the really upmarket weather telling toasters with their own connection to the internet, and merely a wildly optimistic toaster which liked to imprint smiley suns on bread.

Who knows. But it made me happy.

Which to be fair, wasn’t actually that hard that day.

I’m on vacation till the 9 December – but regular updates should now be scheduled correctly till then. So you’ll still get all your weekly musings and more importantly Signage Sunday will be continuing with the usual foolishness. I mean, high class content.

I have much still to share as well – there’s a video of sunrise over the Dalai Lama’s temple from a few weeks back still to come, some beautiful footage from the rainforest, a searing indictment of pavement quality in Bangalore and I’ll even explain what on earth I’ve come all the way to Costa Rica to do.

It’s all go, here at the Madam blog. Check back soon!


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