madam - book lovers never go to bed aloneOk so this isn’t really a sign and it’s not really that clever.

But I saw it in my hotel in New York and it amused me.

And frankly, and I don’t want to pull rank here, but it’s my blog and I can put what I want on it.

So, we’re going with the cushion for Signage Sunday, ok?

Anyway, the hotel is the Library Hotel which is near the huge New York Public Library. It’s a little boutique hotel (of course it is – as you know, I don’t slum it!).

And it’s thing is that the whole place is themed on the Dewey Decimal system. Oh yes, how could I, a book geek, resist?

Each floor is on a different section of the Dewey system – naturally I requested to be on the media/arts/film floor. Well I wouldn’t want to be mixing with the maths and engineering types on the floor above.

And they put me in the advertising room – which was stuffed to the gunnels with books on media, advertising and the psychology of it all. Frankly it’s a wonder I left my room at all. I was fascinated.

They gave me a free book on check in and there were heaps of books in every public room. Add to that the brilliant service, squishy beds and handy mid town location and I may never stay anywhere else in NYC again.

And for me the icing on the cake was this cushion – Book lovers never go to sleep alone.

Though in recent years, I’d probably have to amend that to ‘book lovers never go to sleep with the lights off’ as I increasingly I read the same sentence six times then wake up an hour later with the book on top of me and all the lights on. But that might be the hours I’ve been working recently.

It must be that.

I utterly refuse to believe it’s age. It can’t be that.


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