Like this – want more? Blogorama!

Like this – want more blogging goodness?

Well you’re in luck! Because, although they’re a little different, I do have other blogs. They’re a tny bit more serious if truth be told, but very useful.


Not got much in

Not got much in - free healthy cake ebook

There’s the Not Got Much In food blog aimed at the overstretched cook who’s looking for never fail recipes and healthy food that can be made in minutes.

We also have lots of guest bloggers – every thing from the Rethink Retreats nutritionists monthly rants to help on losing weight and dealing with IBS (but in a fun way, I promise).

Plus you can get the free healthy cake book I’m so incredibly proud of – Cake! 12 healthy recipes. It’s packed full of ace recipes. And did I mention it’s free?


Rethink Retreats light bulb - for Rethink Retreats Blog
Then there’s the Rethink Retreats Blog – which is packed full of articles about how to deal with stress, time management and goal setting. And it also has fab 5 minute workouts you can sneak into even your busiest day.

There’s also a great freebie over there too. If you’ve ever struggled to make a good decision and then let go of the process of making it (did I do the right thing? Should I have gone the other way?), then this book will help.
Rethink Retreats - strong decisions - great time management ebook stack

It’s also got great time management tips – the same ones I use to run two businesses and still have time to work for someone else, make documentaries and write this (marvellous!) blog.

Go on, hop over and get the book – it’s free, it’s fab and it’s yours in seconds from now…