Hello there – remember I was all excited about being selected as a top expat blog?

And you all kindly went off and voted for me?
(You did vote, didn’t you? – of course you did, because you’re all very nice!)

Well, the results are back – and the blog ranked in the top 20!

Yes I know, not a stunning success, but it’s only been going a few months and there were 220 blogs in that competition, and this one placed at number 19. And you know what that means?

That means, this blog is quite clearly better, officially votes cast and everything, better than 201 other blogs.


That my lovely readers, that right there, is a quantifiable metric.

Next year, obviously we’ll place better. Note the use of the plural here, I’m recruiting you and your voting abilities for that. Together we can creep into the top ten. I’m not saying number one, let’s be realistic, there are people out there with Russian voting bots working flat out for them – this blog is having none of that, honest human related voting all the way. We will creep up the chart for this blog competition no-one has ever heard of year on year… oh yes.

Gosh, I seem to have got a bit power mad.

I may have a little lie down now…