Rethink Central - globeSo, It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. A really long time actually – well over 3 months since my last chatty blog rather than a Signage Sunday or a 1 Minute holiday.

Reason is… I stopped blogging.

Yes, yes, I realise that sounds like stating the blindingly obvious – not writing here on a blog, is of course not blogging.

But it wasn’t just here I stopped, but also over on my coaching and my cake blogs too.

No blogging. Anywhere.

No written output other than to and for my clients. I turned down syndication requests, I said no to guest blogging, I even turned down a magazine that wanted to do a big spread on my silly Signage Sunday signs.

And to be honest that was something of a last straw for me. The signs are very popular – I get a lot of requests about them. Which is kind of lovely (people are noticing the blog) and kind of annoying (the best writing is not on a Sunday about signs in my opinion – it’s my other longer writings). So I thought I’d sit down and work out what exactly I was getting out of churning out so much content. Where do I feel most nourished from writing about my life, the things that amuse me, giving away great coaching advice and also pretty videos and ace recipes?

And you know what? When I really sat down and thought about it – I realise it was wearing me out. Blogging had begun to feel relentless rather than fun. It’s been a tough summer for a lot of reasons (I had to have major dental surgery very unexpectedly for instance) and try as I might I could not find a way to love living in Toronto. Nice place, but rather… dull.

Add to that blogging five pieces of content a week across three blogs (and promoting them) and I though – I’m just going to put all this down for a moment and have a good proper think about what I’m working towards. Why am I doing this? Where’s the joy? Which bits make me feel lit up and want to do them?

And of course, once you put something down, it can take a bit longer to pick it back up again. Particularly as I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve with my companies and with all this blogging. I’ve been becoming crystal clear on the business side of things all year (I’ve been in an amazing mentorship program to help with becoming really aligned and on target with the ever lovely Jonathan Fields). Now it was time to get myself clear on the blogging and free myself up to do more of what I love.

So there are going to be a few changes round here – but not for a little while. I’m going to take a bit longer to rest up. I’m making a new website over at Rethink Central (coming very, very soon in it’s first simple form – building to the main platform for the company over the next few months). I’m going to collapse the Rethink Blog and the Cake blog into the Rethink Central main site – so the content is there, but all in one place. I’m also going to tidy up Time to Rethink and the Rethink Debt sites so they’re all inside the main site too. Eventually, no rush on this – it’ll take a few months to get it all tidied up and utterly the way I want it.

And here? Well I miss personal blogging – but I want to be doing the writing I love (thoughts and curiosity about the quirky world) and not endless foolish signs (though that too as I do see a lot of those that amuse me). Plus – this is a blog about India in theory. And I’m not in India (I’m actually currently in Colorado) – I like writing about travel and the oddness of not being from the country I’m in. And that’s not only about India.

Although I’ve been quiet here, I’ve been far from standing still in my work. I wrote a fabulous course over the summer about how to use the Hero’s Journey in your business to create raving fans. I’m teaching people how to run Mastermind groups, writing copy for online launches in Europe as well as a few other smaller things. In the next day you’ll see one of the things I’ve been working on – a kid’s book I’ve art directed and managed the launch for a friend – it’s free from 19th Dec till Sunday 21st Sunday on Amazon. So do look for that.

And in the mean time, I’m going to take a bit longer to think about what I’m going to do with this blog and the direction I’m going to take it in.

See you in the New Year – I’ll be back but not for a while- and things might not look quite the way you’re used to round here. But I think you’re going to like it.


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