madam - beware falling tilesI love this sign. In fact I had to be dragged away from it, as I was laughing so hard.

It quite bemused the friend I was with. Why did I find it so funny?

Well, it was attached in many places in the exterior parking areas of a fairly swish office building downtown in Bangalore.

It’s right on MG Road – incidentally fact fans, that’s Mahatma Ghandi Road – and there’s always a MG Road in any city or town anywhere in India). Anyway, it’s not a new building, but it’s not more than seven or eight years old.

Yet here the management is actually openly admitting they can’t guarantee the integrity of their building.

Bits might fall off at any time. Park at your own risk – and presumably enter at your own risk too.

There’s a very nice bar on the top floor with lovely views over the city, and thinking about it presumably also views of bits of the roof falling onto people’s cars below.

Madam - electrical boxThe bar has a valet parking service, where they sensibly park your car inside under the building, away from potential falling debris.

As we collected the car on the way home I got a glimpse of the building fuse box… check it out.

This isn’t during electrical work, this is simply the state the entire electrical set up for the building is left in all the time.

Is it any wonder there might be stuff falling off the roof?

Look how much care they’ve taken with the electrics – a potentially much more dangerous area…

Part of our series of ‘Signage Sundays’. I’m slightly obsessed with signage in this country.

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