The best bits of the blog

Madam - Hanuman's monkey army at Belur


These are the posts I like best (and other people have been kind enough to like as well).

Sometimes nearly straight is good enough

For internal use, Madam

Windmills of your mind

Not made in China

Eagles on my roof

The ‘dust’ series (a topic I am hot as pepper on, but sadly my maid is not):

Part 1 – The red dust of India

Part 2 – She’s actually FAKING dusting!

Part 3 – Too much dust, Madam

An answer to the question I am most often asked about my maid:

If your maid’s so rubbish – why employ her?

Her husband died in a hideous accident

My ongoing issues with transport:

Seatbelt is broken Madam, no problem

Your friend is waiting?

No, no, no, Madam

The view from the back seat

The ‘You know you’ve acclimatised when’ series:

Part 1 – You know you’ve acclimatised when…

Part 2 – You’re half way to being a local…

Part 3 – You’re not really Indian at all!

It’s not a series  yet, but it surely should be – the ‘what was I thinking’ section:

I stood arguing with a man with one arm

Questions I’m most often asked:

But Madam, aren’t you very lonely?

Why I live in India : the weather

I realise that’s rather a lot of ‘best bits’. But the blogs been going a while now – and I now post three times a week – and frankly, I think my writing has been getting better over time. So please forgive me for giving you a lot of choice…

The Complete List of 1 minute holidays – take a tiny break and de-stress.

And last, but by no means least, here’s the complete list of foolish signs from the ever so popular Signage Sundays.