The south bank - LondonForgive the recent radio silence, gentle reader. You see I’ve been in London the last couple of weeks – speaking to clients for Rethink Retreats, looking for venues for some filming of workshops, I’m doing for Rethink in May and aquiring quite the nastiest chest infection.

Really I sound quite like an extra from a BBC Dickens special – or possibly like the entire last act of La Boehme…

And I’ve managed to go deaf from the change in pressure as we landed in Bangalore this morning. Though unpleasant as my ear ordeal was – consider how much nastier for the poor people trapped on the flight with me and my deeply irritating cough for 10 and half hours. Frankly it’s a wonder no-one strangled me somewhere over Dubai.

Anyway, it seemed too strange to be sat in London writing about India so I skipped a week of sharing thoughts about such weighty topics as email etiquette and the difficulty of getting a visa. Mind you I was horribly homesick for India while I was there – and also for London which was a bit odd. Being homesick for two places at the same time, particuarly while you’re actually still in one of them, is rather confusing. But as anyone who’s made their home overseas knows it is not an unusual sensation.

And I feel very blessed that both end of my flight feel like I’m going home. Thanks Bangalore – I feel properly like you’re my home now.