Madam - Are you stalking me? BinocularsI have a stalker.

Not a scary stalker, no; a digital stalker. Someone who lurks about online and follows what I do.

Not in a positive, ‘ooh I just love Liz and I can’t get enough of her work’ way either..

No, this person, apparently, loathes me.

I know, hard to imagine! But apparently so.

I don’t didn’t learn this directly from the person themselves – no, I was carefully informed by another helpful soul.

(Thanks for that, by the way, that’s kind of the exact opposite of ‘sharing the love’)

I’d probably not have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out to me – but once I had noticed, they started cropping up everywhere. Sometimes LinkedIn sends me their picture, or I can see their footprint on guest posts I’ve written, or they let slip something on a Facebook page. It’s like spotting the same face on the bus every day. Not someone you know per se, but someone who is consistently scowling at you across the aisle.

Thanks to the joys of website analytics, page tracking and the like, like most bloggers, I’m very aware of my readers. What you like, what you’re not so keen on. Which pages you look at, which you skim. Where you are in the world and sometimes even which city you’re in. All this information, helps me to make sure I’m keeping things relevant and not boring you (after all, we can’t be having that).

So, having someone following me about online doesn’t really bother me – building up loyal readers is exactly what I’m after doing at the moment. It’s just the lack of goodwill part that’s different from my usual reader. As you can imagine – disgruntled reader is a demographic I’m keen to keep small.

Though I did recently get my first bit of hate mail – as you might remember if you’re a newsletter subscriber, where I talk about things not always mentioned on the blog (you should join if you’ve not already – you don’t want to miss anything. Go up to the top of the page and click on the link up there. Go on).

The hate mail wasn’t from my digital stalker I hasten to add, but from some random unhappy soul. No, my digital stalker is ninja like in their viewing habits and they’d never do anything as upfront as directly mailing me.

Personally, I’m mostly amazed that they’ve got so much spare time. They’ve been very consistent for most of the year now. For me, I’m stupidly busy and sure as hell don’t have time to read all the blogs I like, let alone follow someone that irks me all over the net. But people are odd. Fabulously odd sometimes.

Madam - Are you stalking me? BinocularsIn the online world you’re much encouraged to get very specific about your ideal customer, so you can speak directly to them. Obviously stalker-person isn’t my ideal client (I’d hope for a bit more interaction if nothing else). But I can speak to them directly – I’ve not done this before, but perhaps it’s time to ask this digital stalker to get in touch?

You know, you’ve learned a lot about my business by now and you know that I can help people move past blocks and holding on to things that don’t serve them.

Why not check out some of the videos about that? This one about the blocks stopping you from achieving your goals might be a good place to start?

Or failing that – perhaps we could talk about time management? Though you’re obviously really good at it… so thinking about it perhaps you don’t need help there. Either way – thanks for you keen interest this year. I look forward to your continued attention for the coming year. You’re rapidly becoming my biggest fan, or at least my most consistent. Thank you.

And to everyone else – know that I really appreciate your attention as well – and know that I notice where you’re from and think about your kindness in giving me your attention.

Really – you’re lovely.

Your time is precious and that you spend it with me is simply a delight. How lovely you are. All of you. Yes, even you stalker-person.


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And of course, drop me a comment or ping me an email, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as in all things..