So I’ve been informed, this blog has been chosen as one of the top Indian blogs over at

Admittedly they’ve chosen over 500 for the honour, but there are a great many people in this country. And as far as I can tell, at least one in three of them seem to be blogging.

So, it is some kind of honour to have made their list.

And those fine people at – an organisation that I’m sure you’re as aware of as I was before they mailed me a the weekend… – do claim to have been discerning about what did and didn’t go into their list.

Apparently 200 of last years list have gone off the boil and not been listed again this year.

Not here of course, oh no: we’re going from strength to strength over here, eh?

Anyway, seeing as the blog wasn’t listed last year, but is this year: they’re obviously doing a bang up job of finding the good stuff. Ahem.

So there you go – you are a quality reader of a well thought of blog. In India at least.

Nice to be get a little pat on the back though. I shall now go and rest on some laurels for the rest of the day.


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And feel free to share you own thoughts on the dizzying heights of blogging success that the Madam blog is now achieving… stick it in the comments below. Ah go on!