Top indian blog 2013-14Apparently, we’ve made the cut over at India Top Blogs. And we’re on the list of top blogs.


They seem awfully keen over there, but all the same, they maintain that it’s a curated list and they do actually weed people out each year.

So, instead of being slightly embarrassed by the minor awards this blog has won… you know what? I’m going to celebrate the fact we win any awards at all.

Looking at it that way – this blog, isn’t just an award winning blog. It’s not just a top Indian blog: this is a multi award winning blog. Oh yes.

And you, dear reader, can bask in the glory with me. Because they don’t take just anyone for these things (contrary to the voice of doubt I hear in the middle of the night). No, they choose blogs with readers – readers just like you (except probably less good looking and discerning than your good self).

So, let us share a moment of awe at our majestic ‘Top Indian Blog’ status.

Good, eh?


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