24 hour breakdown sign Now forgive me for going on about signs in India – I do have a bit of a thing about them. And frankly I’ve been very good so far about not showing millions of them on this blog, so do please indulge me a little…

So, I saw this sign round the corner from where I live in Bangalore, where there’s a big and rather fancy Hyundaigarage on a really major junction.

A REALLY major junction – we sat there for so long I had time to notice the sign, fall about laughing and then dig out my camera and take a variety of pics of it and STILL have time to text a pal about it, all before the light changed.  I think I aged a few years from the carbon monoxide while I had the window rolled down too.


24 hour breakdownBut I digress – so what amuses me about this sign is that as I first read it (and bear in mind I’m dyslexic), I read ‘Technicians staying on company premisis – it helps 24hr breakdown.’

I thought – I bet it does. Those poor men, unable to go home, trapped in there 24 hours a day – no wonder they all have breakdowns.

And then I realised what it was probably trying to say… that having people on 24 hour call means they’ll get to you and your broken down car very quickly. However speedy fetching of your broken car, is nowhere near as amusing as what I’d first imagined.


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