Madam, let me tell you one thing

Tales of foolishness in India from Liz Scully of Rethink Central

Signage Sunday: That’s a beautiful bum

I saw this in a rather lovely gastro pub in London last time I was back. There's an awful lot I like about it. First there's the rather jaunty fact that there's no real reason to have a baboon there at all. It's merely telling you that you can have endless topups on...

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Signage Sunday: Very focused love

Do you see the dog in this picture? Little white dog, being very, very good and waiting for it's owner to return. It's sitting directly in front of the door to the store, while tied to a bike stand. Tied up, but there's no danger of this dog wandering off - look at it...

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You MUST give us your name. Well, no.

A few months before I left India, a very strange, but deeply Indian thing happened. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there stood two small ladies with a clipboard and one of our (fairly useless) building security guards. They told me they were from one of...

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Stalker? Are you looking for me?

I have a stalker. Not a scary stalker, no; a digital stalker. Someone who lurks about online and follows what I do. Not in a positive, ‘ooh I just love Liz and I can’t get enough of her work’ way either.. No, this person, apparently, loathes me. I know, hard to...

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You mean, that isn’t a mosque?

Since I left India, I’ve had pretty severe culture shock. Reverse culture shock. It’s mostly worn off now, but for a good few months there, I was finding myself having a little difficulty re-adjusting to Western cultural norms. Girls in really short skirts in the...

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